“new light” by 8 hands of sound — debut album out now!

before all handpans become rust, we have decided to release some records

8 hands of sound
new light

new light is an experimental, yet easily approachable work of handpan-focused instrumental music that combines elements from post-rock, jazz, ambient, world music and minimalism. even though the world and time in which it was recorded may seem now very different, its’ determination and forward-looking attitude feels powerful even in the middle of a pandemic and ecological crisis. it is an inspired, collaboratively crafted farewell-song to a once-modern world that now belongs to history.”

free compilation
future rust: vol. 2

“our second free (pay-what-you-can) compilation presents 16 tracks of best handpan music right now. including from well-known and upcoming artists such as dan mulqueen, nadishana trio, bleecker and hang massive, connor shafran, mark d’ambrosio…”

kumea sound
real music for unreal times: vol. 2

“ambient chamber music from the future, a hopeful reflection of the world during the pandemic”

dan mulqueen
real life

“acoustic handpans & fresh electronics by the scene’s beat virtuoso”

archer & tripp

“a masterful musical travelogue and a soulful instrumental storytelling album”

free compilation
future rust: vol. 1

“a free (pay what you can) compilation of 16 tracks, including some of the world’s best handpan artists, like manu delago, kabeção, kumea sound and david kuckhermann”

future rust is a new record label focusing on genre-defying, bar-raising, soul-inspiring handpan music

We want to document the journey of this music scene that is blooming with new and exciting musical ideas. We also want to inspire new musical thinking and new styles of musical expression. Our mission is to widen the spectrum of music that is made with these beautiful instruments and make it more accessible for audiences far beyond the handpan scene.

Future Rust was founded in 2019 by the Finnish sound artist and composer Lauri Wuolio.