The End of the Beginning

The Handpan world is changing.

In our recent conversations with players, makers, and enthusiasts, it’s become more and more clear to us that we’re entering a new era of Handpan history.
But rather than mourn the “good ol’ days”, we’ve decided to just. . . throw a party!
On October 7th, 2023, the world will celebrate the fifth International Handpan Day.
On that same day, we will release The End of the Beginning (Future Rust: Volume 4), a massive compilation album, featuring our favorite Handpan artists from all around the world.
We hope to make this the biggest collaborative project in the history of the instrument!
Handpan Day 2023, along with the release of this compilation, will be a chance for the global community to come together and celebrate the past two decades of this instrument, and welcome the coming decades with an open mind and heart.
Stay tuned for more updates!

# FutureRustCommunityMixtapes

In addition to releasing Future Rust: Volume 4, we also want to give non-professional players a chance to be a part of this moment in Handpan history.

That’s why we’re launching Future Rust Community Mixtapes, a series of playlists that features YOUR music.

The process is simple:

1.    Write and record a piece of music that uses the Handpan in some way, that also has something to do with the theme of Change.

It can be sad, nostalgic, melancholic, or it can be hopeful, positive, or grateful – or any mixture! We want this song to reflect your honest personal reaction to the changes in the Handpan world, regardless of what it sounds like.

2.    Upload the song to your SoundCloud account and tag it with the hashtag: #FutureRustCommunityMixtapes

Be sure to upload it BEFORE JULY 31st!

3.    That’s it! In the weeks leading up to Handpan Day, we’ll release these Mixtapes that feature your songs.

We will also take some of our favorite songs from the Community Playlists and add them to Future Rust: Volume 4, with the hope of promoting some newcomers to the scene!

We’re looking forward to hearing your music!