Micro Grant Recipients!

In November of 2022, we announced the first run of the Future Rust Micro Grants, a program designed to support the handpan community. 

With help from the sponsors listed below, we gathered 1500 EUR to give away for the purpose of supporting small handpan-related projects.

We received twenty excellent applications, and ultimately narrowed it down to nine recipients who we believed would make the best use of this funding.

Our criteria was based on a number of factors, such as the viability of realizing the project, the necessity of receiving this funding, and whether the funding would be used for a personal or public goal. In general, we awarded slightly more funding to the projects that involved some kind of community aspect.

We really enjoyed this project and we hope to do it again in the future!

The Recipients:

Color of Rhythm – 150 e
Fernando Lyra – 150 e
Josephine Pia Wild – 150 e
Mar Loi – 150 e
Sarah Paz Hyde – 150 e
Salba Wickens – 150 e
Lachlan Hawkins Ensemble – 200 e
Sympan Instruments – 200 e
Super Bloom Festival – 200 e

Congratulations everyone and good luck with your projects!

Sponsors of Future Rust Micro Grants 2023: