Future Rust Micro Grants 2023

The application window is now closed. Thank you for your submissions!

Future Rust announces micro grants to support creative independent handpan projects! If you are an up-and-coming artist or an independent event producer, and you need money to realize your project, this is for you!

The grants are between 100-300 € in value and the total sum of all grants will be 1500 €. The grants have to be used for a handpan-related project within the year 2023. The jury will consist of Future Rust and sponsor members.

Here are some ideas for what the grant could be used for:
•  Organizing an independent handpan event
•  Buying recording equipment (such as a microphone or an audio interface)
•  Recording studio fees
•  Shooting a music video
•  Printing your new album or handpan zine
•  Travel costs to perform in another city
•  Covering part of the cost of a new Handpan
•  etc.

What we value:
•  Creativity and vision
•  DIY attitude
•  Supporting inclusivity and community-focused goals

What we don’t care about:
•  How many followers you have on social media

•  What ‘genre’ of music you make

The grant application should include:

•  Project description (200-500 words)
•  Project plan and budget
•  Applicant CV
•  Links to existing videos and sounds (optional)

Send your application as pdf to:  grants (at) futurerustrecords (dot com)

The application deadline is December 18, 2022!

The grant receivers will be announced in January 2023 here on the Future Rust website.

Sponsors of Future Rust Micro Grants 2023: