Future Rust: Volume 3

Not your average Burning Man “hang drum” jam — Future Rust releases a new pay-what-you-can handpan compilation On the October 13th, 2021, the handpan music label Future Rust will release a third volume in their annual series of handpan music compilations. The album consists of 14 tracks of more ambitious handpan music, that surpasses the… Continue reading Future Rust: Volume 3

8 Hands of Sound: New Light

8 Hands of Sound is the result of a spark that was ignited in 2014 when four multi-instrumental musicians from the far reaches of the globe came together in the USA. In January 2018, they met again in Australia to record their first album, New Light. The album was composed and produced during an intense… Continue reading 8 Hands of Sound: New Light

Future Rust: Volume 2

Before All Handpans Become Rust… Handpan music label Future Rust releases a new free/pay-what-you-want compilation of the best new handpan music. Future Rust: Volume 2 consists of sixteen new tracks from some of the most exciting handpan artists today. In 2019 Future Rust released their first compilation as a checkpoint on where the handpan scene… Continue reading Future Rust: Volume 2

Kumea Sound: Real Music for Unreal Times Vol. 2

In the spring of 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic began, the Helsinki-based percussionist Lauri Wuolio ended up recording his new album at a project studio he built under his loft bed. Despite being literally an “indie bedroom album”, it sounds grand and spacious, as if it were recorded in an imaginary wooden church overtaken by… Continue reading Kumea Sound: Real Music for Unreal Times Vol. 2

Dan Mulqueen: Real Life

Dan Mulqueen’s Real Life is an inspired collection of 10 instrumental songs that combine acoustic handpans effortlessly with urban electronic production. Mulqueen is known for his technical agility and talent of crafting inspired and catchy melodic patterns, and on this release he takes his music to a whole new level. Combining bits and pieces from… Continue reading Dan Mulqueen: Real Life

Archer & Tripp: Perspectives

“Finding sanctuary among the chaos, and the awe of colourful diverse life growing out of cracked and barren land was a great inspiration in the making of Perspectives.” – Archer & Tripp 
In early 2019, the world music duo, Archer & Tripp, set out on a minimalist three month adventure carrying only one pentatonic handpan, a… Continue reading Archer & Tripp: Perspectives

Future Rust: Volume 1

Future Rust: Volume 1 is a compilation of some of world’s best handpan music from 16 different artists from four different continents. The album is a free/name-your-price digital download, so you can get the album for free or show your support for our future releases. Available as digital download and on CD. Buy