The Community Mixtapes — A Call For All Handpan Players!

The Community Mixtapes project unites the global handpan community for Handpan Day 2023 We’re excited to delve deeper into our new project, The Community Mixtapes. The project is meant to celebrate the growing handpan community by creating something big and beautiful together with everyone. Our most ambitious initiative so far invites all handpan players to… Continue reading The Community Mixtapes — A Call For All Handpan Players!

The End of the Beginning The Handpan world is changing.  In our recent conversations with players, makers, and enthusiasts, it’s become more and more clear to us that we’re entering a new era of Handpan history. But rather than mourn the “good ol’ days”, we’ve decided to just. . . throw a party! On October 7th, 2023, the world will celebrate… Continue reading The End of the Beginning

Micro Grant Recipients!

In November of 2022, we announced the first run of the Future Rust Micro Grants, a program designed to support the handpan community.  With help from the sponsors listed below, we gathered 1500 EUR to give away for the purpose of supporting small handpan-related projects. We received twenty excellent applications, and ultimately narrowed it down… Continue reading Micro Grant Recipients!

Future Rust Micro Grants 2023

The application window is now closed. Thank you for your submissions! Future Rust announces micro grants to support creative independent handpan projects! If you are an up-and-coming artist or an independent event producer, and you need money to realize your project, this is for you! The grants are between 100-300 € in value and the… Continue reading Future Rust Micro Grants 2023

Ukraine aid handpan music compilation by Ukrainian musicians released

Ukrainian players of the world’s newest musical instrument, the handpan, have released a compilation of Ukrainian handpan music to raise funds in this time of their nation’s urgent need. The album can be downloaded at Future Rust website for voluntary donation. The compilation is entitled Contra Spem Spero, which roughly translates to “Against All Expectations,… Continue reading Ukraine aid handpan music compilation by Ukrainian musicians released

Future Rust begins (again)

Sometimes after the Handpan Day 2021 my good friend Connor Shafran offered to help with running the label. Me and Connor had been talking about music intensely for months, and since there has always been a lot of resonance between our ideas, we decided to start developing Future Rust together. In December we started to… Continue reading Future Rust begins (again)