Archer & Tripp: Perspectives

“Finding sanctuary among the chaos, and the awe of colourful diverse life growing out of cracked and barren land was a great inspiration in the making of Perspectives.” – Archer & Tripp

In early 2019, the world music duo, Archer & Tripp, set out on a minimalist three month adventure carrying only one pentatonic handpan, a 15-inch frame drum, some simple woodwind instruments and a few little things. Their goal was to come home with a music memoir.

From the mountains in northern Thailand to the stunning sunsets along the Mekong river in Laos; from the chaos of Cambodia to the vastness of the California Deserts; from the Pacific Ocean to the land of hummus and tahini in Israel, the duo worked and composed on the road to create their new album, Perspectives.

The 11 track album is a beautiful balance between intentional compositions and improvised spontaneous play, recorded by sound engineer, instrument maker and musician, Thomas Ben Tov at Nagariya Studios in Israel. Multi-instrumentalists Samantha Archer and Jaron Tripp share and change roles with ease, offering a diverse listening experience with the evolving and blending of deliberately simple instrumentation. 

The depth of emotion and chemistry between the musicians who have been playing, living and traveling together for more than 5 years, is distinctly felt on this mesmerising acoustic album. Perspectives has an organic rawness to it, packed full of authenticity and emotion, intricately weaved through the landscapes of complex yet entrancing rhythms and melodies.

Perspectives is a true storytelling album.