8 Hands of Sound: New Light

8 Hands of Sound is the result of a spark that was ignited in 2014 when four multi-instrumental musicians from the far reaches of the globe came together in the USA. In January 2018, they met again in Australia to record their first album, New Light.

The album was composed and produced during an intense two-week session in Melbourne (except Isolation which was produced during the spring of 2020). While all work was done in collaboration, each band member took the role of an artistic director for one longer track. The shorter tracks were born from collective improvisations and jams.

8 Hands of Sound is formed by four individuals with different musical backgrounds. Jeremy Arndt (Michigan, USA),Jeremy Diffey (Melbourne, Australia), Adrian Portia (Shepparton, Australia) and Lauri Wuolio (Helsinki, Finland) were brought together by handpan, but the result is much more than a handpan ensemble. The sonically rich arrangements combine acoustic and electronic percussion with woodwinds, guitars, keyboards and synthesizers.